Environment and agriculture committee - John Falkingham

John Falkingham
Consultant and Member
International Ice Charting Working Group

Before retiring from the Public Service of Canada in May 2008, John Falkingham worked at the Canadian Ice Service, a division of Environment Canada, for 33 years, retiring as chief of forecast operations.  Subsequently, he has remained active in the sea ice community, providing secretariat services to the International Ice Charting Working Group; facilitation, organization and expert advice to the World Meteorological Organization’s Expert Team on Sea Ice; and consulting services on sea ice conditions to governments and industry.

Falkingham is an expert not only in ice monitoring, forecasting and climatology, but also in how ice affects marine navigation, how weather and ice information is delivered to mariners and how they make use of it. He has been active in helping frame Canada’s policies and positions with respect to addressing future impacts of climate change in the north, particularly with respect to marine activities.

Recent work by Falkingham includes the preparation of Global Satellite Observation Requirements for Floating Ice – Focusing on Synthetic Aperture Radar (March 2014) and major revisions to the Ice Objects Catalogue for Electronic Navigation Charts and the Archive Format for Sea Ice Georeferenced Information and Data (April 2014).