Natural resources and energy - William Tumas

William Tumas
Associate Laboratory Director of Materials and Chemical Science and Technology
National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA

William Tumas is the associate laboratory director for Materials and Chemical Science and Technology at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). NREL carries out fundamental and applied R&D for renewable energy and energy efficiency, including solar energy conversion for electricity and fuels, materials discovery, and development for renewable energy technologies, energy storage, hydrogen production and storage, and fuel cells.  Tumas is also the director of the Center for the Next Generation of Materials by Energy Frontier Research Center and led the Center for Inverse Design. 

Prior to joining NREL in 2009, Tumas held a number of leadership positions at Los Alamos National Laboratory for 17 years, including the program director for Applied Energy Programs, and program manager and leader of the inorganic chemistry group. He started his career at Dupont Central Research after postdoctoral research at Caltech.

Tumas received a PhD in organic chemistry from Stanford University and a BA in chemistry from Ithaca College.  His research activities have included materials by design, solar energy conversion, chemical hydrogen storage, catalysis, supercritical fluids and alternate reaction media, green chemistry, and waste treatment technology development and assessment.