Natural Resources & Energy - Scott Blanchet

Scott Blanchet

Vice-President, Technology Development
NUVERA Fuel Cells, LLC

Scott Blanchet is vice-president of Technology Development at Nuvera, a company that develops clean energy technology products, such as fuel cells. Blanchet leads activities in electrochemical and process technologies, and is responsible for the development, planning and execution of next-generation strategies for generating, delivering and converting hydrogen into electricity for mobility applications.

Before joining Nuvera, Blanchet was manager of Engineering at Fuel Cell Energy in Connecticut. From 1994 to 2004, he held various technical and leadership positions there and was instrumental in the development, optimization and production launch of various high temperature carbonate fuel cell products. He also developed advanced automotive catalysts and emissions system technologies for low emission and ultra-low emission vehicles while working at General Motors Corporation in Michigan before joining Fuel Cell Energy.

On a personal level, Blanchet seeks to make an enduring contribution to society and the environment through the development of green energy technology to address major energy problems. He’s been awarded 18 US patents related to emissions control and hydrogen technologies. He holds a master of science in mechanical engineering from Stanford University and a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Miami, Florida.