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Public Announcement of the Canada First Research Excellence Fund Award
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Public announcement of the Canada First Excellence Research Fund award

Can we publicly announce the institution’s success in receiving an award from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund (the Fund) as soon as we receive confirmation?

In keeping with standard Government of Canada practice, Fund awards cannot be released to the media or formally announced by institutions or their partners until the Government of Canada has made its official public announcement. Public announcements are held following each Fund competition and are done in consultation with the institutions in order to gain maximum media exposure for all involved. Prior to the official public announcement, Fund awards are to be treated as highly confidential and should not be disseminated internally or announced to the public in any form (this does not apply to the results of the Letter of Intent stage of a competition).

When can we hold a public announcement at our institution?

You may schedule a public announcement or event at your institution after the Government of Canada’s official public announcement.

Do we have to inform Fund communications staff about our public announcement?

Yes. We ask that all institutions inform us of their plans for Fund-related announcements and events.

Specifically, institutions should determine the format and timing of these events in consultation with Fund communications staff. Please give as much notice as possible before an event.

Does a Government of Canada representative need to be present at a public announcement held at an institution?

A Government of Canada representative should be invited to public announcements and other major Fund-related institution events. In most instances, a local Member of Parliament or regional minister will represent the Government of Canada.

For any of the following, please contact us at

  • before inviting Government of Canada officials to an event;
  • to receive advice on your scenario;
  • to obtain a ministerial quote for your news release; and
  • to try to secure the presence of a Fund official.

Please note that the likelihood of securing a local Member of Parliament or minister to attend your event is greatly increased if the event is held when the House of Commons is not sitting.

Public reporting

To improve the Fund’s visibility and ensure accountability to researchers, industry and other partners, affiliates and taxpayers, institutions are required to report publicly via their websites on Fund-sponsored activities and successes. It is expected that institutions will publicly acknowledge and actively communicate milestones and impacts related to the funded initiative to faculty and other stakeholders via their websites on an ongoing basis during the grant period. The featured activities, successes and milestones should relate to their initiative-specific performance measurement plans. These plans may include performance indicators and related metrics of:

  • evidence of global research excellence;
  • ability to attract and retain the best and brightest talent;
  • ability to mobilize knowledge for the benefit of society and the economy and the impact of these activities; and
  • contributions to national strategic priorities.

At the outset of their initiatives, recipient institutions will be required to provide baseline data for the indicators and metrics included in their performance measurement plans.

Acknowledgment in Professional Communications, Publications, Presentations and Conference Materials

The guidelines for acknowledging support from the Fund in professional communications are similar to those established by Canada’s three federal research granting agencies.

In all professional publications, presentations, conference materials or other communications, we ask you to identify and acknowledge the Fund contribution to the initiative. Please use the following wording for the acknowledgment:

“This research was undertaken thanks in part to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.”

When members of research and administration teams of funded initiatives are invited to speak publicly, we also ask you to ensure the official event documentation (e.g., program, scenario, pamphlets, advertisements, etc.) identifies and acknowledges the Fund’s contribution to Fund-sponsored activities. When giving a speech or presentation, we ask that you mention the Fund’s contribution and its benefits (e.g., positive impact on the institution’s ability to compete with the best in the world for talent and for partnership opportunities, and to make breakthrough discoveries).

Media, Publicity and Outreach

Do we need to share Fund-related public announcements, public relations materials and media coverage with Fund communications staff?

Although not a requirement, we do welcome your materials on Fund-related news and events, as well as the media coverage they generate. Please send them to us at

Do we need to share Fund-related advertising with Fund communications staff?

Although not a requirement, we do welcome copies of Fund-related advertising. Please send copies to us at

Should we inform Fund communications staff when a presentation is being made abroad?

Although not a requirement, we do appreciate being informed when presentations are being made abroad so that we can alert Canadian embassies and consulates. Embassy and consulate staff members are well positioned to capitalize on such visits and possibly enable networking activities. Please contact us with information about international presentations, visits and talks by sending an email to We will ensure that the information is circulated to the appropriate people.

Canada First Excellence Fund Logo

The use of the Fund logo and the Canada wordmark is regulated by the Federal Identity Program of the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. If you would like to use the Fund logo, please contact us at

Links to the Canada First Excellence Research Fund Website

Do we need to provide a hyperlink to the Fund website on our website and in our electronic public relations materials?

Yes. We ask that all institutions provide a link to the Fund website ( on their institution’s website and in any electronic public relations materials, including news releases, emails and newsletters. By doing this, you will be reinforcing the partnership between the Canada First Research Excellence Fund and your institution, and directing people to the primary source of information for the Fund.